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8 of Adult Content Creator Paul Cassidy's Best Instagram Posts

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 9 MIN.

Paul Cassidy, née Nikolas Levicky, is the boy next door; the type that the adult entertainment industry thirsts for. In fact, Cassidy was approached at age 17 by Bel Ami, a Hungarian gay adult content studio that was built on the backs of college-age models. But instead of becoming their new golden boy, he decided to do his own thing on OnlyFans and so far it's worked out in his favor.

The now 25-year-old sensation, who identifies as bi, is originally from a small village in Bratislava, Slovakia. His internet presence is a combination of sexy social media posts, a YouTube blog, and OnlyFans accounts. It is his OnlyFans content on which he makes his living. Recently EDGE profiled his colleague Austin Wolf who hosted the inaugural adult entertainer meet-up called Collab Week which took place in Mexico last year. It's a consortium of adult stars who get together to make content for their paysites.

Cassidy was one of the esteemed guests, and his sexy antics filmed at the event are available for a subscription fee to his OnlyFans. But, for those who are feeling the sting of a downturned economy and can't afford the $10.99 a month, there is plenty of Cassidy to ogle over for free on Instagram. We have chosen some of his borderline safe-for-work photos to browse through while you decide on whether a monthly fee to OnlyFans is a worthwhile expense.

Paul's smoldering gaze sitting in this water is enough to create steam. No, this isn't a reenactment of the bathtub scene in "Saltburn," it's just Paul soaking in an infinity pool with the blue sky behind him. But slide through this pack of photos and you'll see his view is suddenly obstructed by something even more blue.

A photo is only as good as its composition. This one presents an angle which gives the viewer a unique POV, perhaps of what it would look if like you were cleaning up a pile of clothes from Paul's bedroom floor. He appears to be a micromanager lest you forget something on the way out and have to come back.

Literally between a rock and a hard place, Paul shows off his baby blue swimsuit. If there is one thing we know about male adult entertainers they love going shirtless and wearing their bottoms out. Paul has said that when he was younger his dream was to become a bodybuilder. And this photo, along with the others in this collection, shows that even though he chose another path, he still takes great care of his physique.

Besides Paul, what sticks out most in this photo: the stone landscape, his crowie shell necklace or the wood? This was taken in Thailand at golden hour. In Bratislava, where Paul is from, there is a landmark called the UFO bridge where guests can dine 277-feet above the ground to watch the sunset. That's probably the only other glowing heavenly body that figuratively has more fans than he does.

by Timothy Rawles

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