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Watch: Dominic Fike's 'Horny' Brother Takes a Run at Internet Fame with Calvin Klein Ad Re-creation

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Is he the Next Big Thing you haven't heard of yet? Or is singer ALX – younger brother of "Euphoria" actor Dominic Fike – looking in vain for a Big Gay Following?

Either way a sexy video on Fike the Younger's Instagram page became the subject of a tweet from PopCrave, which took to X with a post declaring, "The internet is going crazy over ALX Fike, Dominic Fike's brother, after his recreation of a Calvin Klein ad for his new single, 'Famous.'"

That was news to "the internet," which was quick to let the snark fly and to point out the paid nature of the post. After all, while money can buy you happiness (at least to a point), it might not be enough to get you buzz.

The brothers Fike appeared together in an interview with i-D a few years ago, when ALX released his first album, "Yes," which i-D deemed a "horny pop debut," perhaps in reference to ALX's sporting the adjective in a tattoo on his arm. Even as children, the outlet noted, the brothers were "frequent collaborators... finding their stride as creative partner and self-producing music videos to accompany their original compositions (Dom rapped, ALX took the hooks)."

Asked to describe each other, ALX termed Dominic "boy wonder," while Dominic reckoned his brother to be "extremely horny," pointing out the tattoo. Dominic followed up with praise for ALX's musical prowess, though, telling him, "You are a shredder. You're a great vocalist, with the runs, all the stuff I can't do. Melodically-inclined as well. Knowing where hooks and melodies are supposed to be. Great songwriter."

Dominic still gets his groove on, too; the actor, who made headlines last year when he revealed he was dating "Euphoria" co-star Hunter Schafer, picked up a guitar to croon to another co-star, Zendaya, in the show's Season 2 finale.

Hot new star on the cusp of breaking out? Or would-be sensation looking for a break? Check out ALX's Calvin Klein ad re-creation, below.

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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