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EDGE Interview: Out Country Artist & Ex-Baseball Player Bryan Ruby Releases New Take on 'Centerfield'

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Out baseball player and country artist Bryan Ruby set to release his take on the classic John Fogerty baseball anthem, "Centerfield." EDGE spoke with Ruby about his love of country and baseball.

When Bryan Ruby came out publicly in 2021, he was the only active professional baseball player to be out. Several former players had inched out of the closet post-retirement, but Ruby was courageous enough to express his true self while continuing in the sport.

Ruby has also parlayed his minor league journey into success as a country music artist. Prior to today, EDGE Media Network reported on Ruby's release of holiday songs, but now he's got some other tracks up his sleeve.

EDGE caught up with the long-haired singer to talk all things baseball, country music, his Nashville-based LGBTQ+ charity "Proud to Be in Baseball," and Ruby's new cover of the classic John Fogerty baseball anthem, "Centerfield."

Due to be released on all audio streaming platforms on August 25th, Ruby's version of "Centerfield" is an upbeat blend of sports nostalgia and enthusiastic rifts with lyrics that are possible metaphors for the coming out experience.

We chatted with Ruby about the song and what his passion for baseball and music has meant for him since embracing his sexuality two years ago.

by Matthew Creith

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