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Is That Jennifer Coolidge at the Diesel Show in Milan?


Many thought so when pics were posted on social media on Wednesday of a person who appears to be Coolidge heading into the fashion brand Diesel's show, chatting with the press, and sitting ringside.

And many were fooled, because it was not Coolidge.

It was drag star Alexis Stone who nailed "The White Lotus's" star quirky style and fashion sense. Dressed head to toe in silver, with an abstract-patterned top, cargo paints, and jacket, with her trademark blonde hair falling over her shoulders, Stone appeared more Jennifer Coolidge than Coolidge herself.

She was, according to her publicist, asked to come to the show as Coolidge.

Stone, a fashion influencer who is represented by Voss Management, is something of a drag chameleon, imitating celebrities as wide ranging as Dolly Parton, Jocelyn Wildenstein and even Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire, (which she did for a memorable New York Times feature).

On Instagram, Stone wrote: "Me as @jennifercoolidge for @diesel 🐬 thank you @glennmartens ♥️ using @navyhaircare"

On her IG, many were left in awe with her impersonation, including LGBTQ+ personality Todrick Hall: "This is insanely accurate 😂 my favorite you've done so far!"

a.smakeupstudio writes: "I feel like you are the Banksy of the Makeup world. You are in all your artistic form and most people wouldn't even know if it was you or not! Iconic 🔥"

simonjakobsens: "Wtf you look EXACTLY like her!!!"

joeyramonf: "I don't know why, but this looks like Barbara Streisand and Jennifer Coolidge put together"

For more of Stone's shift-changing looks, check out these IG posts:

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