Sober Curious for the Holidays


We're in the midst of another holiday season and booze is the drink du jour. Between cocktails at holiday parties, rounds of beer with co-workers and mugs of eggnog around the fire, you'd be hard-pressed not to find a drink in your hand.

But what if you could have all of the same holiday cheer without the negative side effects of alcohol? In comes Feel Free, an herbal supplement created from all-natural ingredients that promotes feelings of ease and comfort. It's the non-alcoholic drink making a splash at a holiday party near you. Try Feel Free in a seasonal mocktail or a swig before a night out with your friends; it's the drink that matches your vibe.

You may be wondering: What's the secret sauce? Feel Free is made from plants grown in Southeast Asian island nations where indigenous people have been making tonics and tinctures from these very same plant leaves for centuries. When the Feel Free marketing team got back from a visit to one of these far-flung island nations – Vanuatu, which is off the coast of Australia, to be exact – to source ingredients for the drink, they knew they had to honor its island roots with an emphasis on connection and community.

Once Feel Free started to take off, it became clear it would match well with the holidays, a time of the year that is all about connection and community. And because Feel Free does not have alcohol in it, the team also knew the connections people make over a drink like Feel Free would be genuine. The drink has been racing up the beverage market charts ever since and outselling energy drinks like Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy.

With Feel Free's emphasis on community, it might be the best sober-friendly way to spend the holidays. "It's a heart-opener," says the founder of Botanic Tonics, the company behind the Feel Free herbal supplement. "I constantly get emails about how [Feel Free] helped someone connect with their family again." And what better way to spend time with family during the holiday season than over a sober-friendly drink like Feel Free? It's the alcohol alternative that gives you the boost on the dance floor without the next-day hangover blues.

Feel Free is even a charmer with the sober curious, a cadre of drink enthusiasts who are expanding their horizons with non-alcoholic spirits, low alcohol cocktails, and other herbal-based drinks. "In fact, in just the last 52 weeks, off-premise sales reached $3.1 billion across low-alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines, beer and spirit categories (up from $291 million last year)," says Kim Cox, SVP of Account Development at NielsenIQ, as reported in Forbes last year.

Drew Davis, a booze-free bar owner in New Jersey echoes the same sentiment when he asks: "If the alcohol industry is a $1 billion industry, why can't the non-alcoholic industry be a $1 billion industry?"

As mocktails and sober-friendly drinks grow in popularity, you'll be sure to fit right in with a not-so-alcoholic drink in your hand this holiday season. So grab your pals, cozy up with family and give a sober season a shot with Feel Free.

by Roger Porter

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