Gus Kenworthy Heads to Greece with Mystery Man, Thirst-Traps Reveal

Monday September 27, 2021
Originally published on September 17, 2021

"Alexa, play 'Summer Lovin'' from the musical Greece!" Gus Kenworthy captioned his Instagram pics from his vacation in Greece.

Is he hinting he's playing Sandy to some hunk's Danny? It could be judging from 9 pics Instagram he posted this week. The set begins with the Olympic free skater alone on the beach, then driving a truck, and playing with a cat. One is an overhead shot of a dinner table covered with Greek dishes that shows Kenworthy is eating well. But things get more interesting with the appearance of the mystery man, who isn't identified but is very much Kenworthy's vacation BFF.

"Alexa play rain on me," replied Johnny Sibilly.

"swipe to watch me jumping to conclusions," reads a second IG that contains a video of what could be Kenworthy's audition for a "Jackass" reboot as he jumps off a white cliff in what is, admittedly, a spectacular dive in a spectacular setting. While most responses were in awe of his dive, his "AHS" co-star Leslie Grossman admonished him. "GUS THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS I AM CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR CHOICES"