Listen: Is RuPaul Allowing Fracking on His Wyoming Ranch?

Tuesday March 17, 2020

In a new "Fresh Air" interview with NPR's Terry Gross, RuPaul discussed the Wyoming ranch he and his husband own and seemingly admitted to fracking.

In the 37-minute interview called "RuPaul's Recipe for Success? Love Yourself and Stay Flexible," the "Drag Race" host talks to Gross about the popular reality series as well as his career. But a portion of their discussion caught the attention of a Twitter user named Rory Solomon on Sunday.

The specific part of the interview that caught Solomon's attention came when Gross asked Ru about his husband and his "60 acre" ranch in Wyoming.

"Oh, no, no, no," Ru said. "Sixty thousand acres."

"That's like a national park," Gross eventually replied, later adding, "What are you doing with them? I mean — that came out a little weird. But I mean, do you have, like, horses or cattle or a farm or..."

Ru explained: "Well, a modern ranch, 21st-century ranch, is really land management. It is - you lease the mineral rights to oil companies. And you sell water to oil companies. And then you lease the grazing rights to different ranchers. So it's land management. Yeah."

Ru went on to say that he's "adaptable" and that is a "secret of my successes."

But, as Solomon points out in his now-viral tweet (it earned nearly 32,000 likes and over 7,600 comments), that Gross didn't probe Ru for more information as it sounds like the Super Model of the World could be fracking.

Solomon's tweet includes screenshots of what appears to be Ru's ranch in Wyoming on a map, alongside a screenshot of the same location from FracTracker Alliance, a non-profit organization that shares maps and data related to the oil and gas industry.

Ru has not commented on the viral tweet or the accusations that he is fracking but a number of Twitter users reacted to the interview and Solomon's tweet. Find some of the responses below.

Click here to read Ru's "Fresh Air" interview or listen to it below.

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