Watch: Who Knew? TikTok Comic Identifies LGBTQ Pokémon Universe

Sunday May 16, 2021
Originally published on May 15, 2021

Trying to figure out the sexuality of Pokémon may not be high on most people's agenda, but Boston-based comedian Connor Diddle is using TikTok to tell the world which characters of the popular Japanese game franchise are LGBTQ, as well as those who are anti-LGBTQ.

"Over the course of several short videos shared on the TikTok platform, young Connor Diddle analyzes different Pokémon and explains which archetypes of the LGBTQI + community they correspond to," reports the French website


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"No one asked, but here are five Pokemon who are definitely gay men," the very funny Diddle says at the start of one TikTok that matches the characters with LGBTQ cultural archetypes in very funny ways. Machamp is a steroid-addicted twink turned muscle gay and Bayleaf is the adorable but unreachable hottie. "Alolan Dugtrio consists of 3 men who met at hair school. And you wouldn't think this throttle arrangement would work because they're all bottoms, but it does," he says."Farfetch'd is an elder gay who loves gin cocktails and hates twinks.Dragonite is the nicest and nerdiest 6'7" bottom you will ever meet."


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"Here are five Digimon who are absolute queer icons." Diddle says at the start of another TikTok. .Gabumon is a pansexual pothead and Wizardman is every queer into cosplay. ("I'm sorry. I don't make the rules," he says.) Agumon is a cis white Twink whose favorite movie is "Love, Simon." Salmon is a non-binary plant parent and Gomamon is a trans pan icon "who is a total scientist, but is not above spending $200 a month on their hair."


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"Here are five Pokemon who are absolute lesbians," Diddle says at the start of another TikTok, justifying his choices with this statement: "I dated a lesbian in middle school so I am more than qualified to speak to this." He calls Ninetales the Megan Rapinoe of Pokemon and Miss Thing "definitely wore a tuxedo to prom. And she also knows the words to every musical in existence." He doesn't want to mess with Nidoqueen because she's "butch, bossy, and she could kick the absolute sh*t out of me. But she's also one of he most loyal friends you could ever have." And "Misdreavus is that teeny tiny lesbian who dyes her hair in a different color every week. And she's always an hour late because she was too busy trying out that new makeup trend on Tik Tok. Her girlfriend is also 3 feet taller than her."


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And then there are the homophobes. "Here are 5 Pokemon who are absolutely homophobic. And if you disagree, fight me in the comments," Diddle says.

"Snubbull is that rich Vineyard Vines wearing a**hole who bullied all the queer kids in high school. But only because he ws so deep in the closet he was basically in Narnia." He calls Electrode "a dislodged t*sticle." And has a great backstory about Nidorina, calling her a "mean christian mom who would absolutely refuse to wear a mask in Target" and her husband is an out-of-the-closet white supremacist.

For more funny videos, visit Diddle's TikTok.