Wowser Bowser! Super Mario Villain's Massive Member Exposed, then Censored

Wednesday April 14, 2021

When one of the characters from the "Super Mario" universe was given a randy rendering by a fan, Nintendo wasn't buying it.

"A fan mock-up of 'Super Mario' character Bowser's penis has been pulled off Patreon after its artist claimed that Nintendo complained the lewd depiction violated copyright laws," wrote the New York Post.

In a tweet, 3D adult modeler AkkoArcade posted a pic of the offending member he created and posted on the art-sharing website Patreon. But don't go there to find it. "Patreon pulled a 3D prop modeled after Bowser's penis from the site after it received a copyright claim from Nintendo of America." reported the Daily Dot.

"The prop, which was specifically designed for use in adult Source Filmmaker videos, features an engorged red shaft with spikes across the testicles, tip, and girth," described he Daily Dot. "A black, spiky cock ring adorns the base, reminiscent of Bowser's studded collar."

"This peepee got claimed by Nin tendo," AkkoArcade tweeted on Saturday. The post has since received over 30,000 likes and over 4,800 retweets.

"The 3D model, which was uploaded in June 2018 as "Bowser Standalone Prop," has since been uploaded publicly for free," added the Daily Dot.

AkkoArcade said that Patreon sent an email explaining the rationale behind the removal.

"The claim comes from Nintendo of America Inc., who owns the copyrights to the content being utilized in your posts on Patreon," they wrote.

The Post has reached out to Nintendo for comment.

"It remains unclear if a Nintendo of America employee spotted the lewd Bowser model out in the wild, if the company caught the post with a bot, or if a third-party pretended to file the DMCA notice on Nintendo's behalf," the Daily Dot wrote.

"Theory has it, its just random people just claiming to be Nintendo," AkkoArcade tweeted. "And Twitter and Patreon don't really care."

"Nonetheless, Nintendo, which is notoriously strict about copyright infringement, has reportedly filed similar complaints on the video-sharing service in the past," the New York Post wrote. "Lots of artists have been threatened off the platform or into submission for it," one former Patreon contributor, who requested to remain anonymous, told the Daily Dot.

In February gamers found another penis, albeit far less graphic, in a new Mario Brothers game "Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury." according to the NSFW website The Sword.

The phallic image came with "a stone bridge surrounded by lava, which resembled a large penis. "This cock-shaped area was actually featured in the original game, Super Mario 3D World, and become a small internet sensation when gamers discovered its phallic shape."

The Sword added: "Nintendo apparently didn't have a problem with everyone thinking their game had a dick in it since they decided to still include this bridge in the remake."