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With Nutrafol, Targeted and Proven Solutions to Combat Thinning Hair

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 21, 2022

Stephen McGee
Stephen McGee   (Source:Nutrafol)

We recently talked to Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera, a Florida-based board certified dermatologist with extensive experience in the realm of aesthetics. The topic of conversation was something that's on the minds of millions of men around the world: thinning hair. There's no magic wand, of course, but Dr. Bay pointed to one thing that he's been both recommending to patients and using himself: Nutrafol.

Nutrafol makes a natural line of hair health products that target the myriad of root causes of thinning hair. Well-researched and much-adored, Nutrafol succeeds by addressing  the underlying factors that can affect the health of your hair like hormones, stress, lifestyle, metabolism, nutrition, and aging. While Dr. Bay recommends Nutrafol because it is 100% drug free, natural, and doesn't impact sex drive, it also earns his endorsement for Nutrafol's clinical studies and research-based approach, which make the brand stand out in a very, very crowded industry.

While the opinion—and experience—held by a doctor using the product is worth its weight in gold, we thought it would also be worth it to check in with someone who isn't a medical professional, but rather a devoted customer.

You may remember Stephen McGee from the first two seasons of Bravo's "Summer House," where he developed something of a following before leaving reality TV behind to continue with his event planning career in New York. And it just so happens that McGee is a Nutrafol fan as well, so EDGE decided to get his take on why, out of all the supplements and treatments out there, he thinks that Nutrafol is the way to go.

Stephen McGee
Stephen McGee  (Source: Nutrafol)

How did you discover Nutrafol?

I discovered Nutrafol while searching the internet for a natural solution to my hair shedding. I read a few articles about it and decided to give it a try for an initial three months; after three months, the results spoke for themselves, which has kept me taking my four-a-day for over two years!?
What issues were you having with your hair that prompted you to consider a hair supplement?

I started taking Nutrafol in April of 2020. Like most people, I was experiencing intense stress during the early days of the pandemic, and it manifested itself in my hair shedding. I would wake up with clumps of hair covering my pillows and sheets and I just knew I had to do something to slow the shedding.

What results did you first notice, and when did you notice them?

After the first month or so, I noticed a change in the shedding, and after three months, there was little to none. I started to notice new growth around three months, and the thickness and shine of my hair improved overall. 

When it comes to feeling more confident in your appearance, what did Nutrafol give to you that you felt you were missing?

Having confidence in your appearance affects all aspects of your life. In a public setting, whether through social media or working with clients, it's so important for me to feel good about the way I present myself, and Nutrafol has given me so much more security in the health of my hair. 

Stephen McGee
Stephen McGee  (Source: Nutrafol)

What would you say to someone interested in improving the health of their hair but is worried about the cost?

You only have your hair until it's gone, and the health of your hair is so important. While Nutrafol is an investment, it's important to invest in yourself and in the future of your hair. If I could go back and start taking Nutrafol earlier, I would.

It's no wonder, then, that for all of the reasons mentioned by Dr. Bay and by Stephen McGee, Nutrafol is the #1 dermatologist-recommended hair growth supplement brand, built on a science-backed, whole-body approach that has made it a pioneer in the industry while earning it the endorsement of more than 3,000 physicians.

And Nutrafol is way more than the "four-a-day" hair growth nutraceutical mentioned by Stephen McGee, which is the cornerstone of the men's line. There are also multiple targeted boosters that can be incorporated into your routine to give you extra support where you need it. 

For those struggling with hairline changes and decreased scalp coverage, Nutrafol makes a DHT Inhibitor that should be taken daily with the nutraceutical. Often times, hairline and scalp coverage issues are caused by underlying imbalances in the body that activate genetic predisposition to thinning hair, which accelerate DHT sensitivity. DHT is an androgen hormone known to shrink hair follicles and lead to premature and progressive hair thinning, especially along the hairline, and this daily supplement directly combats follicle-shrinking DHT.

Interested in getting started?

Nutrafol has made it easier than ever to find a routine that addresses each person's specific lifestyle and hair thinning needs by way of an online quiz that takes all the guesswork out of this process. If your hairline is on your mind, there's no time like the present to invest in your self confidence.