Cher and Versace Team Up for Pride

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 7, 2022

Cher and Versace Team Up for Pride

What happens when the gayest fashion house on the planet and an LGBT icon combine their powers? One word: CHERSACE.

Cher and Donatella Versace have joined forces to create a limited-edition capsule collection available exclusively on Versace's website. A portion of all sale proceeds will benefit Gender Spectrum, a charity handpicked by both icons for its work in supporting LGBTQ+ people, particularly children and young people.

According to a Versace Instagram post, "Gender Spectrum works to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and teens by providing online programs, resources, and information that young people, parents, and families can use to further their understanding of gender and learn the value of parental and adult support."

Of course, the limited-edition threads will set you back a pretty penny, but if anyone can convince us to spend $400 on a t-shirt, it's Cher. In addition to a standard tee, a bedazzled version is priced at $3,350, socks at $125, and a baseball cap at $395, all emblazoned with a rainbow version of Versace's iconic Medusa.

"Donatella and I have been dear friends for a lifetime," said Cher in a statement. "It just felt right for our very first collaboration to be one about LGBTQ Pride and celebrating a community that means so incredibly much to both of us. We wanted to make a fun collection supporting a good cause, and we hope you like it."

"It has always been a dream to collaborate with Cher, and it's finally come true," added Versace. "I'm delighted that we can support such a brilliant charity that has such a positive impact, particularly on young people."

Riffing on "Romeo and Juliet," Versace shared a video to Instagram that states: "Two icons, both alive in diva energy. In Pride Month, where we celebrate the scene. From long-held friendship to new love and unity. Where Cher and Versace make... Chersace."

To shop Chersace, visit Versace. For more about Gender Spectrum, click here.