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Reclaiming Your Erection: Get Giddy

Friday April 10, 2020
Reclaiming Your Erection: Get Giddy
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For most men, it's not a matter of "if" but "when." We're talking ED: erectile dysfunction. Fifty-two percent of men admit to erectile dysfunction, defined as "the inability to develop and maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse or activity." And that number increases with age. Bummer, right? Fortunately, men's sexual health and wellness brand Giddy has created a product line that rises to the occasion.

Giddy's signature product, Eddie, may, at first glance, look like a uniquely shaped C ring. We all know that different is beautiful. In this case, Eddie's unique design is an FDA Registered Class II medical device created by a team of urologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Here's a more detailed look at what makes Eddie by Giddy rise to the occasion:

FDA Standards and Scientific Engineering
Eddie is a utility-patented medical device specifically developed for ED that applies pressure to veins, but not the arteries, which assists in maintaining an erection. But it also leaves the urethra unrestricted, resulting in a more free-flowing ejaculation. A selection of tension bands further customizes the fit and tension of the device. After years of research, development, and FDA registration, Giddy adheres to strict FDA registration, safety, and quality standards throughout every step of manufacturing.

Revolutionary "Horse-Shoe" Style Shape
Most constriction rings are shaped like a circle, even though the penis is oval-shaped, resulting in potential pressure, discomfort or constriction in the wrong places. Giddy's device is designed to restrict blood flow out of the penis, while still allowing the necessary blood flow into it, without obstructing the urethra. This revolutionary design leads to more effective blood flow for maintaining longer, stronger erections, and a more natural-feeling, pain-free ejaculation.

Latex-Free and Hypoallergenic
Because of its use around sensitive areas, Giddy created something that was body-safe if used correctly. The ED device is made of multi-layer medical-grade thermoplastic that's safe to use on all skin types. It contains no latex or PVC, and it's hypoallergenic to ensure safe use for those with sensitive or allergy-prone skin. The exact material composition is a polycarbonate/ABS alloy, which is coated in medical-grade proprietary thermoplastic elastomer, making each device durable and soft to the touch.

No Prescription Needed
No doctor visit, prescription or online medical information is required to get Eddie home (just some measurements for the perfect fit). Plus, you'll avoid all of the potential side effects from oral medications, such as headaches, digestive system problems and visual disturbances. You won't miss those recurring ED prescription costs, which can add up to $1,200 per year!

One Size Does Not Fit All
Perhaps most unique to Giddy's product development is its scientific Size Calculator that takes into account girth and ED severity for the optimum size. Variable strength tension bands ("comfort" and "sport") are included to further customize constriction. This isn't the time to embellish! Enter your accurate measurement, along with an honest assessment of your erectile dysfunction for the best sizing. The perfect fit of your ED device is guaranteed. If you're unsure about your size, Giddy offers affordable Size Insurance; with it, if you don't like the size you receive, Giddy will send you a new one free of charge.


Giddy's approach empowers men of all ages to embrace a deeper understanding of their sexual health and well-being. With this in mind, a team of experts created Giddy's exclusive ED Guide, a comprehensive online video series that provides information and exercises to address all aspects of erectile dysfunction. The ED Guide is available for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched in late 2019 after more than a year of research with contributors from the fields of urology, psychology, integrative and functional medicine and beyond, the ED Guide embodies Giddy's holistic approach to sexual well-being. The personalized version of the guide is accessible to device users through a password-protected dashboard and customized after a baseline assessment that determines which curriculum is best for your body type, background and lifestyle. No two men or erections are alike! A curated lesson plan delivers the kind of information that will help you live your best life — both in and out of the bedroom.

Eddie by Giddy is sold as a 1-pack or a 2-pack, and includes the ED device(s), 12 tension bands per device, free access to the online ED Guide video series, and free shipping. For more information, visit

All content above was created and published for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

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