Adult Performer Josh Moore Lashes Out at Those Laughing at Sex Workers Impacted by OnlyFans Decision

Sunday August 22, 2021
Originally published on August 21, 2021

The economic and emotional fallout from OnlyFans decision to block explicit content from the site after October 1 continues with sex workers most impacted. "OnlyFans creators are getting screwed — and not in the way many subscribers are used to seeing," writes Wired Magazine.

OnlyFans announced in a Thursday statement that starting October 1, it would forbid the "posting of any content containing sexually explicit conduct" that doesn't adhere to its Acceptable Use Policy.†"The sharp pivot comes on the eve of the company's five-year anniversary and the introduction of a new app, OFTV, in what is a clear attempt to become more of a general-purpose marketplace for creators," reports Wired.

"What remains unclear in the wake of OnlyFans' announcement is whether those guidelines could become even more restrictive as the company's financial interests evolve. A†BBC report†confirmed that the company decided to update its guidelines in part because of Mastercard's decision to implement new rules for adult content sites that use their payment processing system." Last year both Mastercard and Visa broke ties with PornHub.†

Sex workers, many of whom have found the site profitable, have expressed their unhappiness with the decision. "They used us,"†Xavier Blanco told Wired. "They exploited our connections, only to toss us out." Blanco, who is 34 and lives in New York City, joined the platform in the summer of 2019 and has made a considerable living through the site, where he uploads all manner of gay erotica. "They are laying off countless individuals without caring about their livelihood."

Adult performer Josh Moore also expressed his frustration, but not only at OnlyFans but others in the LGBTQ community who have made light of the decision.

"Some thoughts on the situation," he writes about the video clip he tweeted, then expressed his anger in measured tones. "Do you know who I really love? I really love gays that are laughing at sex workers everywhere. The threat of them losing their jobs. And I'm like, 'Bitch, you wouldn't have f**king rights today as a gay man, if it wasn't for sex workers. So f**k you, you evil little c*nts.' "

He continued: "Marsha P. Johnson threw the f**king first brick of Stonewall. She was a black trans sex worker and she f**king gave you your rights. Black trans sex workers fought for your rights. You stupid, ignorant f**ks.

"These people that are laughing at this, and then watching porn. Yeah, f**king hilarious.

"So, I am told not to panic because no one knows exactly what's going on. There are so many conflicting views, but I have seen some promising things from OnlyFans. They're gonna release a statement soon, so I guess we just have to wait and see.

"All you bitches that are laughing at things like this. It's, like, what is the point, babe. There ARE hundreds of platforms out there. It isn't OnlyFans, it will be something else. We adapt, we thrive, we f**king make money, and you are poor and bitter and ugly, clearly."

OnlyFans became a profitable alternative for many sex workers, which made it, Wired writes, "the premiere adult subscription site online, drawing users from all corners of the internet. Today it is home to 2 million creators that have collectively made $3 billion in earnings since its launch. That includes reality stars, former pro athletes, celebrity musicians, and social media influencers, all of whom post varying degrees of adult content. The bulk of creators, however, remain bona fide sex workers — many of whom rely on earnings from the platform to survive."