Listen: Boston Radio Host Walks Off Show When Told to Stop Making Non-Binary Jokes About Demi Lovato

Wednesday May 19, 2021

One of Boston's leading morning deejays walked off the show Wednesday after complaining of being muzzled by management for making jokes about Demi Lovato announcing they are non-binary.

"Matt Siegel, one of the most successful deejays in Boston's radio-rich history, walked off the air and quit his long-running "Matty In The Morning" show on KISS-108 Wednesday," reports the suburban Boston website

"The host told listeners he did not want to continue on air if there were limits on what he could talk about," added

"But I was told by my boss I cannot talk about what I want to talk about — by the way it's a joke, the whole binary thing. I don't care what Demi Lovato does," Siegel said. "But now we have to worry about 'You might offend someone'...I am the biggest of all time and they said 'Shut up Matt.'"

"Basically, what I've been told is I can talk about light, funny things... but I can't do what I really want to do," which he described as being a "tell it like it is about what he's thinking... so I'm ending my portion of the radio show right now... It has been a hell of a run, but I think it's coming to an end."

But perhaps not. added: "Despite appearing to quit, Siegel told that he believes cooler heads have prevailed and he expects to return."

"I was just told, and it's nothing personal because I like my boss, but he just called and said I have to stop talking about what I've been talking about this morning."

"Matty In The Morning" made its debut on Jan. 12, 1981 and has a reach of 450,000 viewers. "Siegel outlasted other, high-profile deejays who mixed talk on current events and interviews with artist interviews in with music," adds. "Over the past 20 years, Siegel's show has been a ratings juggernaut and has consistently been the highest-rated Boston radio show among women ages 18 to 49."