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Poky Pals? Bride-to-be Says that Convicted Killer's Vaseline Found in Her Fiancé's Cell Doesn't Mean He's Gay

Tuesday November 17, 2020

Chris Watts, left, and Dylan Tallman
Chris Watts, left, and Dylan Tallman  

"Wife and baby killer Chris Watts has been disciplined and separated from his 'brother in spirit' after prison guards found his underwear, a jar of Vaseline and baby oil in the other man's cell - but the inmate's fiancée insists Watts was only 'helping out' his friend," reports the Daily Mail.

Watts' items, which also included candy, soap, Q-Tips, cocoa butter, Carmex lip balm, Secret deodorant, coffee, body powder, Post-it notes, and a black Sharpie were found in the cell of inmate Dylan Tallman, 32, "which led authorities to separate the two jailbirds who had grown close as they served out their sentences in adjoining rooms," continues the Daily Mail.

But Christa Richello, Tallman's fiancée, tells in an exclusive interview that Watts and Tallman "are merely good friends who found each other in prison" and are not a couple.

'I can definitely prove that my fiancé is not gay, and neither is Chris Watts,' Richello, 42, said.

'And I don't believe that force of circumstance because they were locked up led them to have any sexual contact. Those accusations are just crazy, and I just have to laugh at it,' she added.

'I know both Chris and Dylan and I know their relationship. They are friends. They are very close but that's all it is,' she said.

Richello is said to have met Tallman in a roundabout way. A clinical psychologist who had worked in the Connecticut prison system before quitting over health reasons, she reached out to Watts to discuss his case, believing him innocent of murdering his wife, two daughters and unborn son in 2018. But Watts was said to have traded her information to Tallman in return for a cinnamon bun and a packet of Ramen noodles. Richello denies there was any such trade.

He began writing to her a week later and the relationship developed, which led to Tallman to propose to her this summer. "He's delightful. He's just great. He's wonderful,' she gushed to the Daily Mail. 'I feel comfortable enough with Dylan to be able to marry him and jump right into a relationship. I've gotten to know him very, very well."

And she insists that her husband-to-be is not gay. "I know Dylan is not gay because of the relationship he and I have. We have talked about what our plans are for the future,' said Richello, a divorcee who has no children. 'I would love to start a family with Dylan. I only have a few years left.

'I have no problems with homosexuality at all. But Dylan is heterosexual and Christopher's heterosexual, I can assure you there was no sexual relationship between them.'

She insists the "hygiene items," as she calls them, were in Tallman's cell because Watts was just trying to help out a friend, adding "The petroleum jelly is Vaseline,' Richello said. "It's definitely not lube, it's Vaseline. And the boxers were brand new and clean. They weren't ones that Chris had used."

Both men have become devout Christians since incarcerated and have written two books of Christian devotionals together since meeting behind bars. Plans are for publication in early 2020.

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