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Don't Miss: Freddy Franklin and the Power of Creativity

Monday September 27, 2021

Freddy Franklin
Freddy Franklin  

It's been a year like none other, and for many of us, creativity has offered a way to manage pandemic-related stress and other addictive inclinations. EDGE welcomes multi-faceted performer Freddy Franklin as part of our "Living Sober" series in collaboration with groundbreaking treatment center Recovery Unplugged.

[CLICK HERE for a reminder to watch Freddy Franklin, Tuesday, Sept. 28, 1 p.m. ET]

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Franklin has headlined nightclubs as his drag queen alter ego, performed on the Tony Award-winning stage at American Repertory Theatre, and traveled overseas to appear in Scotland's Edinburgh Theatre Festival, as well as in Disney's Hong Kong production of "The Lion King."

Franklin joins EDGE to share his perspective on the power of creativity, how the arts have been a lifeline for his sobriety, and suggestions for easy ways to integrate creativity into your daily life. Joining Franklin in conversation is Recovery Unplugged's senior videographer, Jason Cabello. During his tenure at Recovery Unplugged, Cabello has documented dozens of stories of sobriety, bringing to life the people and experiences of this trailblazing, LGBTQ+-affirming treatment center.