Watch: Meet Lady Maga USA — Out and Proud and Trumpian to the Core

Monday November 2, 2020

Lady Maga USA
Lady Maga USA  (

"A drag queen at a Trump Rally?" wonders Lady Maga USA in a YouTube video about his trip to a recent rally for the President. It may seem strange given the overwhelming support in the LGBTQ community for Joe Biden, but Lady Maga USA is out and proud and Trumpian to the core. "I'm here to show the world that you can be gay and even a Drag Queen and still be conservative and support our President." he writes on his Facebook page.

As for his name, he adds the USA to avoid any legal hassles from Lady Gaga, writes USA Today in a story about LGBTQ Trump followers

But who is Lady Maga USA?

"Ryanna Woods (not his real name) was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints," reads his Wikipedia page. "By the late 2010s, Ryanna Woods had established a reputation in the small community of drag queens in Salt Lake City, Utah for her characterizations of Disney princesses. Woods — who is gay — said that he felt ostracized when he decided to vocalize his support for Donald Trump to friends within the LGBTQI community in the mid 2010s."

Before revealing his "trailer-park twin," Woods "was performing cosplay as Disney princesses, channeling the joys of fantasy and magic that were denied to her as a child. Growing up in small-town Nevada, she was raised in a family of devout Mormons. Her dad, she says, was a prominent anti-gay activist. One of her earliest childhood memories is a relative punishing her for collecting girl-oriented toys by torching them in the fireplace," writes a profile in the Salt Lake Weekly.

As a child growing up in Utah during the 1990s, Woods was so bullied that his mother needed to put him in a news school when he entered seventh grade, USA Today reports. Still, he was harassed.

"From the time he was little, he loved Barbies and Disney princesses," USA Today reports. "In kindergarten, he chose dresses when playing dress-up.

"When I was like 8, and nobody was home, I would go in the closet and get the poofy part of my sister's prom dress and just twirl around by myself and in the mirror," he recalls. "And I definitely identified with what a culture calls female. And the great injustice for me, as someone who identifies with the feminine, is that this world says, a dress and makeup and sparkles are only for women."

Lady Maga USA in a recent YouTube video

He also struggled with being gay and a Mormon. After attending Brigham Young University and serving on a mission in France for two years, he went through conversion therapy and started dating a woman. But even in that relationship, he had to deal with LGBTQ issues.

"Her father actually left her family because he's gay," he says in the USA Today report. "And I watched that devastation. And I was like, I'm not doing that ... She deserves a man who loves her, sexually and emotionally and physically and romantically, and I can't do that."

He came out at 22. That was ten years ago, today Lady Maga USA can be found at Trump rallies "wearing a 'Make America Great Again' shirt and hat, looking out across a crowd of thousands chanting "USA! USA!' She wears white a 'Lady Maga USA' sash across her chest. Her lips, like her shirt, are bright red. Her curls are perfectly curled and blonde," writes USA Today.

But coming out as Lady Maga USA, he says, has had its price. "As soon as I came out as a Trump supporter, for them it erased all the good qualities that I have, and they only focused on that, assuming that I'm some sort of monster," she said in the USA Today report. "I lost everything. I lost my performances. I lost my friends. I lost my sense of community."

He has criticized the LGBTQ community as being a "cult" that would never welcome him as a member. "I knew in that moment that if I were to share my political views, I would have been unwelcome," Lady MAGA USA wrote according to Salt Lake Weekly. "I realized that if I had arrived to get ready for the show wearing my MAGA hat, I would have been heckled and possibly asked to leave. Heck, I don't even think I would have been invited to perform if the organizers knew that I support President Trump."

Lady Maga USA expressed her mantra in a blog post, Salt Lake Weekly reported. (The blog post cannot be found on the web.) "I seek to prove that Conservatives and people who support President Trump are not bigots, homophobes, and racists. The leftist media portrays Conservatives as ignorant, hateful, and dangerous people. It simply isn't true."

She also says that she "hopes to change Trump supporters' minds when it comes to LGBTQ people, which she says aren't 'aggressive, angry, and scary' as conservatives think."

Watch this video of Lady Maga USA attending a Trump rally:

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