'Good to Kill Off the Weak:' Adult Film Star Quin Quire Embraces Herd Immunity

Monday November 2, 2020

Quin Quire
Quin Quire  (Source:str8upgayporn.com)

LA-based adult film performer Quin Quire has been working steadily in the industry since 2012, but he may have put an end to his career over the weekend with an incendiary tweet.

Quire may be dishing out his "herd immunity" approach to the pandemic but isn't interested in hearing any backlash. Using a new Twitter feature, he turned off all replies except by those he mentions in his tweet (which is no one). Nonetheless, the Twittersphere found other ways to respond to Quire.

There's very little to be found on the web about Quire, who on occasion has received profiles on NSFW sites, so if he has a career outside of porn, it isn't known. But in one profile on an adult male site, he did offer the following insight: "I recently moved to Salt Lake City from Las Vegas, and have been having a lot of opportunity for different kinds of fun. Sucking cock on a mountain trails is one of my favorite new activists and I love to cruise in the steam rooms and saunas at the gym."

One curious tweet has Quire referring to himself as a "teacher" but searches for information about whether he is currently working in that profession came to naught, nonetheless, his tweet brought numerous responses. (Quire did allow responses to this tweet.)

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