Out Star Colton Underwood Wins $100K for Charity, Prevails on 'Beyond the Edge'

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Friday May 20, 2022

Colton Underwood in 'Beyond the Edge'
Colton Underwood in 'Beyond the Edge'  (Source:Colton Underwood/Instagram)

Out celebrity Colton Underwood won $100K for charity by prevailing on the CBS competition reality series "Beyond the Edge," SK Pop reported.

"Hosted by sports announcer and commentator Mauro Ranallo, 'Beyond the Edge' aired on March 16, 2022, with nine celebrities spending 14 days in the jungle, facing various challenges to win money for their respective charities," the site detailed.

The season finale aired on May 18.

"Former 'The Bachelor' star Colton Underwood has triumphed in the series' first season and is leaving the jungles of Panama with the grand prize," NJ.com reported. "Underwood will be donating the winnings to his charity Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation," which, according to the charity's website, Underwood created "to support and provide resources for people living with cystic fibrosis."

"His teammate, former NFL coach Mike Singletary, also won an additional cash prize to donate to the charity Changing Our Perspective," NJ.com added. Singletary's charity was created "to help tackle the educational and healthcare disparities we see in our nation's most vulnerable communities," the organization's website says.

The season started out with a number of celebrities, including "Lauren Alaina [of 'American Idol'], country music star Craig Morgan, former star athletes Ray Lewis, Mike Singletary, Metta World Peace, supermodel Paulina Porizkova, actress Jodie Sweetin and reality TV veterans Colton Underwood and Eboni K. Williams," but contestants were whittled away week by week until only "Underwood, along with Singletary, Ray Lewis, and Craig Morgan, made it to the finale," the site added.

Underwood took to Instagram to tout the finale, posting, "every dollar raised for all the charities are going to make huge impacts. win or lose in tonight's episode i promise the amount of money @coltonslegacy won is going to change lives in the near future."

The "Coming Out Colton" star went on to address "the people of Panama," writing, "thank you for letting us explore your country in the most vulnerable way possible."

In the season's final challenge, "Underwood was paired with Singletary for the final adventure, in which the players had to collect pennants representing different past adventures. The first duo to collect all their pennants and place them in the correct order was declared the show's winner." The teammates competed against Lewis and Morgan, ultimately winning the contest.

According to NJ.com, there's no word yet as to whether there will be a Season 2 of the competition series.

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