Gay Man Comes Up with a Solution for Straight Men with Hot Dog Shame

Saturday October 10, 2020

Matt Benedetto demonstrates his Glizzy Gripper on Twitter
Matt Benedetto demonstrates his Glizzy Gripper on Twitter  (Source:Twitter)

With the movement to not wear masks in the midst of the pandemic, toxic masculinity has really gone toxic. This may be the latest manifestation of how some men hold on to masculine ideals that should have gone out with the Marlboro Man and John Wayne, but persist in (apparently) a healthy segment of the population., One such example is a right wing columnist Matt Walsh who wrote a column last year saying that "emojis are for children and women" and that no "self-respecting grown adult men" would use them.

This is why Matt Benedetto, a gay man from Vermont, has created an invention, the Glizzy Gripper, for a "problem that doesn't exist" — a "hot dog privacy screen" for straight men who feel self-conscious while chowing down on a wiener.

In a report from Pink News, Benedetto introduced "the mock gizmo on his Twitter account, Unnecessary Inventions, in a video that has netted more than 1.4 million views and a lot of exasperated LGBT+ people, who have really had it with heterosexual nonsense" (such as the views of Walsh).

Benedetto demonstrated on Twitter how the gizmo worked in a mock television ad:

"Are you too self-conscious to eat a hot dog in public?" he joked, "then this invention is perfect for you.

"All you have to is put a hotdog inside of this holder and then it perfectly blocks the hotdog as you eat it."

"Benedetto makes the majority of his inventions using 3-D printing methods, many of which he has no intention of manufacturing commercially. A truly devastating blow to the Straight Men's Rights movement, no doubt," writes Pink News.

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