They Call Themselves Jérémy — The French Couple and Their Lush, Queer Instagram

Monday October 12, 2020

One of Jérémy's photographs
One of Jérémy's photographs  (Source:Instagram)

Since the 1980s Pierre et Gilles have made their mark on art with their cheeky, sexy portraits that mix religion, history, pop culture and a queer sensibility. It is the latter that has made their work provocative and fun, be it Madonna as a divinity playing a flute, Boy George as Krishna or Batman cruising a shirtless model.

Their spirit is found today in the work of two other Frenchmen, Jérémy Guetté and Jérémy Fadélam, who call themselves Jérémy and have a hugely popular Instagram account where they post their photos. One is a manager, the other is a former digital project manager and recently former co-president of SOS Homophobie. They are both 33-years old, have been a couple for 10 years.

"We are an old couple," Jérémy Fadélam joked in a profile on the French website TÊTU. "We got in touch on a gay chat online, it was the time when there were no applications yet. We met quickly enough and we never left each other again. The artistic collaboration has been made over time."

Their aesthetic is rigorous, with projects often taking a few weeks to complete and spending considerable time in post production. Their subjects — mostly beautiful, young queers — are captured in lush, boldly-colored portraits that evoke Pierre et Gilles.

Check out their work below:

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