Vandals Destroy Inclusive Rainbow Sign Days After Installation

Tuesday September 22, 2020

Vandals Destroy Inclusive Rainbow Sign Days After Installation
  (Source:The Lollipop Guild / Facebook)

A civic-minded group called the Lollipop Guild in Lewis County, Washington, put up a rainbow sign espousing acceptance and inclusion. Vandals promptly struck, tearing the sign down. But the group says they won't allow the destruction of their property to stop their work.

The group has a history of creating signs supportive of marginalized groups and countering racism, reports local newspaper .

The newspaper reported on how the rainbow-themed sign put up on Friday, Sept. 18, had been "destroyed" before Monday morning dawned. The sign read, "Lewis County Accepts Everyone."

Lollypop Guild member Kyle Wheeler took to the group's Facebook page to post about the group's determination not to be silenced.

Yall may have torn down our sign last night, but we're here to build people up.

And we're not going...Posted by Lewis County Lollipop Guild LLC on Sunday, September 20, 2020

The incident of property destruction was not entirely unexpected, given that the group's "Rural Americans Against Racism" signs have repeatedly been stolen.

But Wheeler told the Daily Chronicle that he was mentally prepared for such a response, recalling the political climate in the rural California town where he resided during the battle over Proposition 8 - the ballot initiative the repealed marriage equality in California only six months after lawmakers had granted it - and saying, "I knew how ugly it got back then, and I knew it was something that had the potential to get ugly here."

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