'Pose' Creator Reveals Time Jump, Major Details for Season 3

Saturday September 19, 2020

Indya Moore as Angel in a scene from the new series "Pose."
Indya Moore as Angel in a scene from the new series "Pose."  (Source:JoJo Whilden/FX via AP)

The co-creator of "Pose" is spilling some major tea about the third season of the FX drama.

Steven Canals, who created the series with Ryan Murphy, spoke with TV Guide this week and revealed that "Pose" will have yet another time jump for Season 3. Fans of the show know that it had a time jump from Season 1 to Season 2, from 1987 to 1990.

Canals says Season 3 will find the characters of "Pose" in 1994.

"Thematically it's much of the same — our heroes navigating New York and this time it's New York of 1994," he said, adding that Season 3 will also focus on Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) finding romance.

"A large part of Blanca's arc for the season is the push and pull of being both a partner and a mom. How do you balance all these multiple roles?" he went on to say. Canals added that Blanca "has always been so devoted and focused on her children...She's finally focusing on her herself and going for her goals in a way we've really never seen for her."

"We'll be exploring the ripple effects [of that choice]. How does that then impact her children?" Canals told TV Guide.

It was previously reported that Jeremy Pope, who earned an Emmy nomination for his role in Netflix's "Hollywood," will star in Season 3 of "Pose," playing Blanca's love interest Christopher.

Canals also revealed that the writers had to rework some stories in order to make the cast and crew safe during filming amid the pandemic.

"How are we going to do the balls? Do we wait and shoot the balls later in our production cycle when hopefully the restrictions have loosened up some? A lot of it is a question mark and we're having to figure it out as we go," Canals told TV Guide.

He also teased the show has "some exciting casting this season."

"People are definitely going to gag when they hear who we have coming up," Canals added.

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