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Did Climate Science-Denying Milo Yianopoulos Lie That Irma Destroyed His Miami Home?

Tuesday Sep 12, 2017

Gay provocateur Milo Yianopoulos would like everyone to think that his next date will be with an insurance claims adjuster. The climate science-denying fired Breitbart editor who last week made light of Hurricane Irma's devastation on Necker Island, took to Facebook to claim that the storm destroyed his home.

Posting a photo to Facebook with an image of the destruction of downtown Miami's Brickell neighborhood, Yianopoulos wrote: "My House is Gone."

The irony of Yianopoulos' home being destroyed by the storm whose devastation he mocked days earlier didn't get past most as 1,147 people clicked "like" on the post. A rabid science denier who used his former position at Breitbart to blast environmental laws, Yianopoulos famously wrote a take-down piece on beloved television educator Bill Nye the Science Guy, calling him a "climate alarmist," and saying he was the cause of "climate change fear mongering."

But as Madeleine Marr of the Miami Herald wrote on Monday, "before you feel bad for the guy, realize the former Breitbart News editor is a bit of a jokester."

Perhaps it was Yianopoulos' idea of a "joke," but according to the Miami Herald's research, the photo of the home in Milo's post "does most definitely not belong to Yianopoulos."

Miami Herald reporter David Smiley "spoke to a neighbor who witnessed the drama unfold and it turns out the property belongs to a guy named Gerard Duhart, who had evacuated ahead of the storm.


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