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Hate Group Leader Wants Government to Investigate 'Homosexual Advocates'

Tuesday Jun 13, 2017

Anti-LGBT hate group leader Linda Harvey is celebrating Pride Month by calling on the government to investigate the actions of "homosexual advocates."

In an eerie echo of the anti-LGBT sentiment in Russia that led the country to passing the notorious "gay propaganda law" in 2013, hate group founder Linda Harvey of Mission America is calling on the government to appoint a special counsel to investigate "the outrageous actions of major homosexual groups trying to normalize this behavior throughout all of America."

As reported by Right Wing Watch, Harvey's comments came in the form of an audio commentary last week, in which she claimed that activists "blatantly engage in religious discrimination, demand that people lose jobs and corrupt children."

"I think we need special investigations into the actions of homosexual advocates at the state and federal level," Harvey stated.

Comments like this are par for the course for Harvey, who last year called for Hillary Clinton to be locked up to "prevent her from pushing sexual weirdness to kids." Shortly after Donald Trump's November victory last year, Harvey called on then Health and Human Services nominee Tom Price to "crack down on homosexuality."

The author of the 2014 anti-LGBT tome "Maybe He's Not Gay," Harvey's rhetoric is universally blasted by civil rights organizations.

Her entry in the Encyclopedia of American Loons in part reads:

Linda Harvey is a paragon of batshit dimbuggery whose main activity is to ramble more or less incoherently about how everything she doesn't particularly fancy (first and foremostly homosexuality) is covert paganism and a deliberate attempt to destroy America and Christianity. She writes for the WND (itself a reliable sign of lunacy), is the founder of Mission: America, and is a staunch Biblical literalist.


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