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Best movies of 2020, part 1

By Brian Bromberger | Friday Jan 1, 2021
LGBT themes in feature and documentary films expanded cinematic depictions this year. Here are half of our baker's dozen favorites.

Homing's In, Jan 1-10, 2021

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Dec 31, 2020
Enjoying the new year yet? While most online events carried over from the "annus horribilis," some new events in arts, nightlife and community should cheer you.

2020's hindsight: The Lavender Tube's year in review

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Thursday Dec 31, 2020
The past year included a feast of LGBTQ characters, story lines, comings out, and media representation. 'Dispatches from Elsewhere,' 'Killing Eve,' 'Cucumber/Banana' and 'Everything's Gonna Be Okay' are among the best shows still available to watch.

Best LGBTQ music 2020: Q-Music's social distancing soundtrack

By Gregg Shapiro | Thursday Dec 31, 2020
Despite the absence of live concerts, LGBT musicians around the country have managed to release new music. Here is the first part of two Best of 2020 music mentions, including a few who came out of their musical closets.

Twin Peaks Tavern reaches $100K fundraiser goal (Updated)

By Jim Provenzano | Wednesday Dec 30, 2020
The historic Twin Peaks Tavern, a landmark gay bar on Castro and Market streets, has succeeded in its campaign to raise $100,000 to keep the struggling bar open and pay its staff. But more funds are needed in these difficult financial times.

Save the date for a #SaveSFNews event

By Advertising Department sponsored content | Tuesday Dec 29, 2020
Join editors and publishers from the city's leading independent news outlets for a discussion about why their work is essential.

Firestarter: Mike Curato's 'Flamer,' a searing intense portrait

By Jim Piechota | Sunday Dec 27, 2020
Mike Curato, an award-winning author and talented artist, has produced a young adult graphic novel about a young man on the verge, and it's a searing, intensive portrait that stays with the reader long after the book is finished.

Mariah Carey's memoir's major: pop singer's life shared in new book

By Cornelius Washington | Saturday Dec 26, 2020
"The Meaning of Mariah Carey" is The New York Times best-seller of the life and career of a truly influential artist and entertainer, the autobiography of one of the most talented, hardworking, compelling, witty, and transcendent African-American artists.

David Pevsner: selling it, onstage and off

By Gregg Shapiro | Friday Dec 25, 2020
The filmed version David Pevsner's one-man show is a musical - and Pevsner goes into great detail about his sexual exploits, including his time as a male escort.

The God of San Francisco: SF poet James J. Siegel's new collection knocks on the door to memory

By Mark William Norby | Thursday Dec 24, 2020
Take a break from whatever you're doing and immerse yourself James J. Siegel's revelatory poetry collection for city that has known many gods.

Merry Krimble! alternative holiday music playlists

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Dec 24, 2020
Whether you're safely home alone, or socially distanced with family or friends, this is a most unusual holiday. So, for Christmas week, Eve and Day, enjoy a most unusual holiday music playlist.

Homing's In, Dec. 25-Jan 2

By Jim Provenzano | Wednesday Dec 23, 2020
Enjoy your leftover cookies and rum balls, ahem, as we wind up for yet another un-doable holiday. Yes, it's almost over, 2020, that is. But you still have plenty of online events to peruse.

Martuni's sells wines, aprons, shirts for quick gifts

By Jim Provenzano | Tuesday Dec 22, 2020
Get a taste of those fun cabaret shows at Martuni's that we miss so much. The popular martini bar is making do in difficult times by selling a cute variety of gifts items.

Bombing 'The Prom'

By Gregg Shapiro | Monday Dec 21, 2020
Ryan Murphy has entered the musical film fray with his big screen version of the 2018 musical "The Prom," but stumbles with his well-intentioned adaptation of the story about has-been celebs invading a high school prom to champion a teen lesbian.

Q-Music: Making the yuletide gayer

By Gregg Shapiro | Friday Dec 18, 2020
Have you been looking forward to the 2020 winter holidays, either as the giver of gifts or the recipient? If so, you can't go wrong with some of these very Mary, I mean merry, titles from Elton John, Little Richard, and new bands like Dust Bowl Faeries.

Homing's In Dec. 18-26: arts, nightlife and community events

Thursday Dec 17, 2020
Jingle around the clock with online arts, nightlife and community events. Some are viewable day or night. What? Like you're going anywhere?

The Millions: The Lavender Tube on 'A Million Little Things,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' & Jonathan Capehart

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Thursday Dec 17, 2020
The best gift we are getting this holiday season is that 2020 is almost over. Whatever higher power you worship, say a prayer of thanks for that. "A Million Little Things," "Grey's Anatomy," and news show are covered.

Choral response: SF Gay Men's Chorus brings holiday music

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Wednesday Dec 16, 2020
The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus isn't letting the pandemic spoil their Christmas holiday. The chorus' annual Christmas Eve concert will go on this year as a virtual event with guest-star performers.

Colton Ford on music, maturity and moving forward

By Jim Provenzano | Wednesday Dec 16, 2020
After a few years away from music, singer-musician Colton Ford has returned with new songs and new perspectives on art, life and, yes, politics.

Homing's In Dec. 10-19: arts, nightlife, community events

Friday Dec 11, 2020
Have you hauled out the holly? That stuff's poisonous, you know. No matter how you celebrate Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah or Festivus, figure out how to celebrate safely with so many arts, nightlife and community events to choose from.

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