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Watch: Fans Upset with 'Big Brother' Player After He's Seen Using Ice Cream Scooper on Fellow Contestants

Tuesday Jul 3, 2018
"Big Brother 20" houseguest JC Mounduix speaks with "Entertainment Tonight."
"Big Brother 20" houseguest JC Mounduix speaks with "Entertainment Tonight."  (Source:YouTube Still via "Entertainment Tonight")

A contestant on "Big Brother 20" is coming under fire this week, with some fans of the CBS reality show accusing him of assault, after the 24/7 live feeds appear to show him attempting to place an ice cream scooper on fellow houseguests' private parts, a number of outlets like Us Weekly, TMZ and the Daily Mail report.

In the video, JC Mounduix, 28, is seen entering a room in the "Big Brother" house as three female contestants are seen laying in bed. Mounduix, who identifies as gay, then tries to place an ice cream scooper he's holding under the blanket where the women begin to giggle. He then tries to put the ice cream scooper under contestant Kaitlyn Herman's blanket but she pushes him away.

He can also be heard telling houseguest Kaycee Clark to "open up your vagina" and that "it feels good." He also says he already tried it on himself.

"I have a vagina," he said, joking.

Mounduix also attempted to use the ice cream scooper on Tyler Crispen, another "Big Brother" houseguest, who covered himself and said "No."

In another incident, the Daily Mail reports Mounduix, who hails from Miami but is a dancer from West Hollywood, was also seen on the live feeds cupping Crispen's crotch while he was getting a message from a female houseguest.

"My kind of party. I want to help," Mounduix is heard saying.

The group laughed and the female houseguest apologized and said Mounduix is "harmless."

TMZ notes none of the houseguests have complained about Mounduix's behavior. Nevertheless, "Big Brother" fans were quick to react to the incidents via Twitter, with some users accusing him of sexual assault.

Watch the clip of the ice cream scooper incident below.


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